Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the official website of Design Webfellas. As you can see in the About Us section of our website, we are a relatively new web design studio, consisting of a total of 3 college students, each having a great web design knowledge. We are young, ambitious, and already have more than 10 years of combined experience in web design, proving to our clients that we are more than able to effectively (and quickly) provide them with professional quality websites, suited to their needs to perfection.

With a skillful crew, great working routine, many satisfied clients and lots of successful projects behind us, we dare to say that our business has never been better. In the past 6 months, we’ve worked on more than 20 projects, each resulting in a successful implementation and great feedback from our clients for each and every one of the projects. If that doesn’t prove that we are able to provide you with a top quality web design service, then I don’t know what does. Our most sucessful campaign was drone related, we promoted beginners drones for USA based company.

And finally, here’s a brief info about the 3 of us:

The best artist on our team. Some people say she was born with a pen in her left hand. Whether or not that’s really true, I think we will never find out…

The biggest nerd on our team. This guy never leaves his PC. Even when he’s not working on a project, he’s either reading articles on The Verge or playing some darn video games… We’re starting to think he’s more of a game than a web designer, but that’s up to our clients to decide…


The most annoying person on our team. Just kidding Mike, we like you. We like the fact you’re such a morning person who cannot stop talking during those early moring sessions starting at 7AM. We really love hearing about that new camera┬ádrone that you bought off craigslist for just $50. That’s so important that you just had to tell us as soon as you arrived for work… BEFORE THE COFFEE BREAK MIKE… Get a grip on yourself!



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