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Approximately 2 months ago, we had a rather interesting project – Building a website for a company that does all sorts of digital services. The most interesting thing was the fact they just gave us a lot of information regarding the services they provide their clients with… nothing else. In other words, we had an amazing amount of freedom in the process of building the website.

At first, we did not know how to react to this amazing amount of freedom we were given, because quite frankly, that was the first time it happened to any of us. Before this project, we were always given strict guidelines and templates for building the optimal website that would suit all of our clients’ needs. But this time, it was completely different – we held the key to everything in our own two hands.

“WE CAN’T LET THESE PEOPLE DOWN!” we quickly agreed on this and started making up the perfect template with the given services of this company. Sooner rather than later, we had the entire outline set up. With a lot of work on our hands, we started building the website from scratch. We opted for a cartoonish, yet modernistic touch for the main website, with lots of doodles to captivate the visitors’ attention. Despite the “childish” appearance, the site still possesses a good dose of seriousness and, how to put it simply… it breathes quality. All in all, working with this company has been nothing but a pleasure and an amazing experience.

During the last 2 weeks we have had an amazing project on our hands. A gentleman coming from Saudi Arabia contacted us and requested a website on which he could feature his work. With a brief couple of lines specifying his line of work and lots of pictures showing it off, we were all set to start off. The gentlemen is a professional video game character designer and has worked on multiple projects over the course of last 2 years. He mainly specializes in smartphone video games, although he is capable of working on fully fledged AAA titles.

It took us less than 2 weeks to fully integrate his demands into a brand new website. With a lot of attention to details of his games, we created a colorful portfolio of his work which is the focus of his entire website and is bound to attract more and more business opportunities for him. Needless to say, he was thrilled when we showed him the website. Check out the images displayed on this post for more info.



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